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Mercury Zeus POD Drive Trim Tab Single - Aluminum -



It is our recommendation that you replace both trim tab plates at the same time. This item is sold separately here, but should be be purchased as a pair or you can purchase the Zeus POD Drive Anode Kit which comes with 2 plates and the hardware included.

Zeus POD anodes found on fine yachts such as: Sea Ray, Mikelson. Marquis, etc. The larger version of these yachts will also use this additional anode.

  So what are Zeus POD drives, exactly? They're a relatively new power system that eliminates the need for shafts, struts, and rudders. Instead of using traditional running gear to transfer the engine's power into thrust.  A "pod," consisting of the transmission, outdrive, and propeller(s), is mounted right through the hull. Read more about Zeus POD drives specifically here. 

Performance - Martyr I & Martyr II Anodes (Zeus POD)

CAPACITY, ampere-hours per pound 355 1225
EFFICIENCY (test) 95% 94%
CONSUMPTION, pound per ampere-year 24.5lbs 7.6lbs
POTENTIAL (reference Cu/Cu SO4) -1050mV -1100mV
    Composition - Martyr I & Martyr II Anodes (Zeus POD)  

U.S. Military Specification*


Martyr I  Zinc Alloy

U.S. Military Specification* MIL-DTL-24779C

Martyr II Aluminum Alloy

Cadmium 0.025% - 0.07% -
Copper 0.005% Max. 0.005% Max.
Iron 0.005% Max. 0.080% Max.
Indium - 0.015% - 0.020%
Lead 0.006% Max. -
Mercury - 0.001% Max.
Silicon - 0.08% Max
Aluminum 0.1% - 0.5% Remainder
Tin 0.001% Max
Others 0.10% Max total (0.020% max. each)
Zinc** Remainder 4.0% - 6.5%
    Comparison between Martyr I & Martyr II Anodes (Zeus POD)  

Martyr I (Zinc Anodes)


Martyr II (Aluminum Anodes)

355 Ampere hours per pound 1225 Ampere hours per pound
This means a Zinc anode will give one amp for 355 hours  for every pound of Zinc This means an Aluminum anode will give one amp for 1225 hours for every pound of Aluminum
Take a typical Z3 (weight=4.68 kg) Take a typical AZ3 (weight = 2.7 kg)
Total ampere hours 3656 Total ampere hours 6125
Assuming the anode performs at 0.5 amp Assuming the anode performs at 0.5 amp
This anode will last for 7312 hours This anode will last for 12250 hours
Which is 304 daysWhich is 10 months Which is 510 daysWhich is 16.5 months

Hardware Not Included

Need the hardware? Check out this Zeus POD Drive Trim Tab Anode Kit

Martyr Part Number CM8M0039340A