About Us

West Coast Boat Zincs is located in the happy city of San Diego, CA where everyone finds time for fun in her waterways and beaches.  Owned and operated by lifetime sailers, we know something about what we do... help boaters maintain their investment.

West Coast Boat Zincs was founded to serve the professional hull cleaning community.  As word spread about our services we grew to support boat yards, industrial applications, and the "Do It Yourselfers".

We are passionate about boats and work hard to make them more affordable to maintain.  A solid anode replacement program is paramount to your investment. 

Let West Coast Boat Zincs help you protect your investment, we can perform a bonding system test and measure the electrolysis at your dock and recommend anode types and sizes.  Don't be that boat owner that ignored their bonding system only to find their shaft and props disintegrating.  If not West Coast Boat Zincs, call your marine electrician, we have one of those too!      


Looking for high quality zincs for your boat? We have boat anodes for sale designed to protect your boat from corrosion at great prices. If you are looking for boat anodes for saltwater, you need aluminum or zinc.

Boating in brackish water, you need aluminum anodes. Looking for boat anodes for freshwater, you need magnesium. We have anodes for sale no matter what type of boating environment.

Check out our high-quality Martyr anodes at unbeatable prices.

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