Why Martyr?

At West Coast Boat Zincs our goal is to offer our customers only the best! So, before we started selling Martyr Anodes, we did our research.

It seems like every company touts many of the same claims… “We’re the largest anode manufacturer in the world” or “We have the most innovative anode designs”. So we got down into the nitty gritty of what is important for a boat owner when choosing an anode and here's what we found.

  • Martyr uses only mined zinc, never recycled. Many of the major anode companies out there will take used anodes, re-smelt them and then make “new” anodes with that recycled material. The thought is that the melting process “re-refines” the metal and the anode will work the same as before, but it has been proven in testing (see Practical Sailor link below) that the brands re-using material aren’t as efficient. Recycling is great for cans and bottles, but it is not good or effective for the anodes on your boat.
  • Martyr offers more individual anode pieces (ie- part numbers) in all 3 metal alloys (zinc, aluminum and magnesium) than any other anode manufacturer in the world. So, if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, they will be the most likely company to supply it.
  • Over the years, manufacturers have rarely made changes to the “regular” shaft anode design. Martyr saw an issue with erosion around the hardware, shortening the overall life and usefulness of the anode. To address that issue, Martyr has added extra material around the fasteners to help extend the life of the anode.
  • In addition to added material around the fasteners, they also use a 4-screw design for all shaft anodes 2-1/4 inches or 35mm and larger. This 4-screw design helps ensure the anodes stays securely fastened to your boat even as the material erodes away. On the 2-screw design, if the material around one screw erodes faster than the other, the anode may become loose and fall off while you are underway or cause vibration.
  • On top of receiving accolades in 2016 for being the anode brand with the least wastage rate, Martyr Sacrificial Anodes closed out last year by being named to the Practical Sailor 2017 Gear of the Year list. Check out both of those articles (https://www.practical-sailor.com/issues/37_73/features/Whats-the-Best-Anode-Material_12144-1.html) (http://martyranodes.com/blog/2017/09/21/practical-sailor-editors-choice-award)
  • Martyr takes US Mil Spec standards and ISO Certifications very seriously. In all 4 of their manufacturing facilities Martyr has the equipment to test every batch of zinc, aluminum and magnesium alloy before it is used to make your anodes. This process helps to confirm that the alloy they are using meets US Mil Spec requirements for every single anode. Additionally, all 4 facilities (individually) have current ISO Certifications (ISO is the regulating body that covers the Quality Management System for nonferrous alloys/casting fabrication, general CNC/manual machining. Design, assembly and distribution of marine and construction related products).
  • Martyr includes hardware for more kits and single anodes than any other manufacturer. Since you receive the hardware with the anode you know you are getting the right parts to attached your anodes properly and securely to your boat.

Remember, you are the best advocate for protecting your boat and your wallet, BUY MARTYR!

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