Marine Digital Corrosion Test Meter PRO


Marine Digital Corrosion Test Meter PRO is backordered. We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.


The corrosion protection system on your boat should be checked on a regular basis. The Seaguard Digital Corrosion Tester allows you to do that as a boat owner or a marine operator.
REFERENCE CELL                                         Silver and Silver Chloride reference cell (SSC)
MEASUREMENT RANGE (Voltage)          -2.5V~ 2.5V
ACCURACY                                                       0.5%
AD RESOLUTION                                           16 bits
DISPLAY REFRESH RATE                            5 times/sec
DISPLAY SCREEN                                           1.8" TFT, Resolution: 320x220
POWER SUPPLY                                              3 pcs AAA batteries
AUTO SHUTDOWN                                         Auto off after 2.5 minutes
RECORD DATA                                                 Max. 50
WORKING TEMP                                             -10 degrees C~50 degrees C
DIMENSIONS                                                   142x63x32mm

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