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Marine Digital Corrosion Test Meter PRO



The corrosion protection system on your boat should be checked on a regular basis. The Seaguard Digital Corrosion Tester allows you to do that as a boat owner or a marine operator.
REFERENCE CELL                                         Silver and Silver Chloride reference cell (SSC)
MEASUREMENT RANGE (Voltage)          -2.5V~ 2.5V
ACCURACY                                                       0.5%
AD RESOLUTION                                           16 bits
DISPLAY REFRESH RATE                            5 times/sec
DISPLAY SCREEN                                           1.8" TFT, Resolution: 320x220
POWER SUPPLY                                              3 pcs AAA batteries
AUTO SHUTDOWN                                         Auto off after 2.5 minutes
RECORD DATA                                                 Max. 50
WORKING TEMP                                             -10 degrees C~50 degrees C
DIMENSIONS                                                   142x63x32mm

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