Zinga Zincspray 16oz Aerosol


Cold Galvanizing Spray with Anti-Corrosion

Do you need Corrosion Protection? Zinga Zincspray is your answer for a great cold galvanizing spray. In its dry film state, Zinga contains 96% zinc, providing extraordinary cathodic protection to ferrous metals. Zinga Zincspray is ideally used to repair or touch-up damaged or hot-dipped metals as well as other zinc coated structures. This aerosol spray makes it easy to use for small applications.

You Get Massive Cost Savings in On-Going Maintenance!

One of Zinga's unique characteristics is the ability to "re-liquidize" when a new coat is applied to an existing layer of Zinga, forming a single homogeneous layer. Zinga helps you save money and time because there is no need to remove an old layer before re-coating. (a removal of other contaminants is required).

Why Zinga Zincspray over Petit Prop Coat?

Zinga Zincspray is CMP's answer to the highly popular Petit Prop Coat. Petit Prop Coat is widely used as a Barnacle Barrier and Corrosion Protection. Petit contains 93% zinc in the final dry product. Zinga has the same properties but ups the ante with 96% zinc in the final dry product. You also get more product in the 500ml can of Zinga than the 16oz. can of Petit Prop Coat. Give Zinga a try and you won't be disappointed!

*Must be shipped ground

Martyr Part Number SGMSPRAY500Z